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The Flavia Company was created to share Flavia Weedn's remarkable gifts of language and art with the world. Since its inception in 1997, the company has enjoyed tremendous growth, expanding to serve Flavia's diverse talents and far-reaching presence in the marketplace. Having grown considerably as an artist since her first art show over forty years ago, Flavia has built a consistent and growing number of followers. This success is due to the essential beauty found in her imagery, and her innate ability to comfort, uplift and inspire the human spirit through her powerful messages of hope.

Sunrise Greetings is pleased to offer greeting cards featuring these brands from The Flavia Company: classic Flavia® Bella Vista, the innovative Legacy Art Studio®, and Tapestry by Flavia™.

Flavia® Bella Vista

Flavia's most embellished card line displays her artwork on tonal patterns of faded swirls and diamonds accompanied by fluid background text. Bold in color and contemporary in feel, this collection is enriched with a variety of special processes, offering an outstanding display of die-cut, glittered, and foil-stamped cards. Messages of inspiration are written in an elegant Flavia font.

Flavia Greeting Cards

Legacy Art Studio®

Responding to the latest styles in fashion, interior design, home décor and influences from around the world, Legacy Art Studio introduces an ever-expansive range of exciting new works encompassing award-winning design, photography, original line-art sketches, and classic elements of fine art and literature. From hip to classic, fun to beautifully refined, Legacy Art Studio is a leading source for artistic imagery that successfully anticipates and capitalizes on trends in the marketplace. Sunrise Greetings carries several lines in the Legacy portfolio including Streamline, Blue Butterfly, Voices, and Bleu.


Flavia Steamline Flaiva Blue Butterfly Flavia Voices Flavia Bleu

Blue Butterfly
Flavia Greeting Cards

Tapestry by Flavia™

Tapestry by Flavia features contemporary colors and painterly textures complemented by inspirational sentiments rendered in a handwritten style. Flavia’s warm tones and messages are a comforting antidote to the often hectic pace of modern life.


Visit the Flavia web site at www.flavia.com



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